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Fixed Deposit Interest Rate (long and short term) and interest rates on loans:


The Pune Commercial Co-operative Bank Ltd. is registered under Maharashtra Co-Operative Society’s Act-1960.

The main Objectives of the Bank are :

  The Bank is the leader for all the co-operative movements in the Satara district, established to guide, to help and to fulfil all the financial needs of co-operative movements in the district.
  To act as the middle stage of the three-tier rural financial architecture of Maharashtra State.
  To finance Primary Agriculture Co-operative Societies (PACS) in Pune district.
  To carry on general banking business.
 To advance loans to farmers for raising crops, for marketing of agricultural goods and other agricultural activities in Satara District.

Agriculture Banking is the main object of our Bank. Short-term finance is provided for seasonal agricultural operationsagainst security of land to the farmers-members of Primary Agriculture Co-operative Society. Medium-term loan is also made available to the agriculturist for purchase of motor-pumps sets, constructions of pump house, repairing and digging of old wells, installation of pipe-line, purchase of bullocks/bullock carts, purchase of agricultural implements like power tillers, tractors and construction of gobar gas (biogas) plants.

Finance is also provided to the farmers through the societies for purchase of milch cattle rearing of goats, running of the poultry farms etc., with view to make them available side business to support their agriculture / activities. For Crop Loans, Bank is giving interest free loan to the farmer. who are repaying the outstanding crop loan before 31 st March every year (reimbursement of interest)

Chairman's Message

I, take this opportunity to have a maiden direct communication, as a chairman of the Bank, with our Shareholders, Customers, Well-wishers, dedicated staff and Public at a large through this medium;
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