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Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS)

The Bharat Bill Payment System has been launched by the Reserve Bank of India as a mandatory system, for easing the payments of bills across geographies. The BBPS offers integrated and interoperable bill payment service with security, certainty and reliability of transactions.

Bharat Bill Payment System eases the payment of bills and improves the security & speed of payments through the central unit (BBPCU) & operating units (BBPOUs).

The service is available in multiple payment modes, online and through a network of agents. An instant confirmation is generated for the bill payments. The BBPS will transform the society from cash to electronic payment system, making it less dependent on cash.

NPCI acts as a Bharat Bill Pay Central Unit and banks and non-bank entities will play the role of Operating Unit.

BBPS has been established with the following main objectives :

  • Accessible anytime from anywhere, making it convenient for the customers.
  • BBPS increases the trust of the customers by providing reliable services.
  • The multiple numbers of payment modes is an added advantage.
  • The system provides on the spot payment confirmation making it easily verifiable.

BBPS has been integrated with V-Mobile banking :

  • Log in to V-Mobile Banking
  • Click on Bharat Bill Pay Option
  • Select the account to be debited, system will ask for MPIN
  • Biller category screen will be displaced, select the Biller Category
  • Enter Biller details and click on view, bill details will be fetched
  • Click on “Pay” button to proceed for payment
  • Payment success message will be displayed on the next screen and customer can take a print out of the message
  • Other features include transaction history, my bills, lodging complaints and tracking complaint status.

Frequently Asked Questions on Bharat Bill Payments System :

What is BBPS?

  • Bharat Bill Payments System (BBPS) is an integrated online platform developed by the National Payments Corporation of India for utility bill payments. The platform provides an interoperable service through a digital and network of agents i.e. bank internet banking, mobile banking and retail shops for consumer to do a bill payment, at one place, anytime anywhere.

What are the benefits of Using BBPS?

  • The biggest advantage is that the consumer has the "Control" of all his bills at one place and can be paid anywhere and anytime. A transaction ca be done on any customer facing channel be it Electronic (like Internet, Mobile, Kiosk ATMs etc.) Or Physical outlets like branches, retail across the country via Cash, Card, IMPS etc.

Will I get a payment receipt after the bill payment has been made?

  • The consumer would get an instant confirmation and receipt once the transaction is successfully completed, An SMS would also be triggered by the bank/non-bank.

What are the utility bills I Can pay?

  • The categories that are currently covered in BBPS are Electricity, Telecom (Landline Post-paid, Mobile post-paid and Broad-band Post-paid), Gas, Water and DTH. Gradually more categories would be covered under BBPS.

How can I make the payment for my bill using BBPS?

  • Connect to V-Mobile banking App
  • Click on Bill payment or BBPS Tab
  • Choose the category of biller and enter the bill details
  • Initiate a payment and get instant confirmation

How do I know that my bill is paid?

  • A consumer will get successful transaction status and BBPS bill receipt in electronic/email/SMS/Print form.

What are transaction charges for a bill payment?

  • For an electronic transaction done at customer’s own bank, there are nil charges.