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Chairman's Message

“Money Never Declines, Money Just Moves”

It’s a great opportunity as a Chairman of Pune Commercial Co-operative Bank Ltd. to express the feelings and experience with all the Shareholders, Well Wishers, All the Customers, Clients & All the working staff.Banking is an Industry that handles cash & credit as well other financial transactions; Bank is a place where cash can be kept safely. Pune Commercial Co-operative Bank Ltd. values all their customers as well all their money that they have invested with us.No Family is left behind with us, With a Financial & Healthy balance sheet together with a world class dedicated management team Pune Commercial Co-operative Bank Ltd. is on the path towards sustained long term profitability growth.As we continue our journey towards success we remain stead fast in our commitment to add real value to all our Clients, Customers, Stakeholders, Shareholders while positively impacting the communities in which we operate.We are here to help and serve each and every Family, Industry, Professional, and every Individual.I am thankful for the strength all of you have shown in Pune Commercial Co-operative Bank Ltd. from last 22+ years for the monetary investments with loyalty. Every customers deserves a true and due appreciation.

Pune Commercial Co-operative Bank Ltd. hopes to continue same healthy relationship with you all in future with a great Reverence and Respect.

With great reverence and respect;

I remain,

Yours truly.